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The Department of English has always had its pride of place in Quaid-E-Millath Government College for Women. It is as old as the college itself. A Course of study in Branch XII- English Literature was among the five undergraduate streams offered at the time of inception of the college in 1974. Dr. Beatrix D’Souza (later to be a Member of Parliament) was the first professor and Head of the Department. At inception the department had 3 Assistant Professor and 3 Tutors and 13 students. At present the department has 13 regular staff members, 2 Guest faculties. Out of the 13 staff members, 10 have received their doctoral degrees and the remaining 3 have submitted their doctoral thesis and are awaiting viva voce. 5 have cleared SLET and 1 NET.

    B.A-Branch XII- English Literature was among the five undergraduate streams offered at the time of inception of the college in 1974. At present we have 169 students pursuing B.A English literature.

    In 1993 the college was sanctioned Conditional M.A Branch VII- English Literature. Currently there are 39 students pursuing M.A English Literature.

  3. FOUNDATION ENGLISH (General English)
    Communicative English I & II are offered as foundation English for the I years. Three different streams of Foundation Course for English namely (i) Language Through Literature for B.Sc, (ii) Language Through Literature for BA and (iii) Literary Appreciation for BA English Literature are being offered for the II year students. This paper in General English hones the linguistic and communicative skills of the students. Perfecting the Linguistic competency of the students proves to be challenging as the learners are women students from diverse social, regional and economic backgrounds, most of whom are first- generation learners. Not with standing these circumstances, the qualified and highly experienced faculty members have managed to optimize instruction to satisfy the course requirements which not only secures them a degree but also enhances their communicative ability which is pivotal at work-place.

From the academic year 2020 – 2021, four different streams of Professional English were offered to I year students in the odd and even semesters. The four streams are (i) Professional English for Commerce, (ii) Professional English for Life Science, (iii) Professional English for Physical Science and (iv) Professional English for Arts were offered till the odd semester of 2022 – 2023. I year students were offered Effective English in the even semester of (2022 – 2023) under the auspice of Naan Mudhalvan Scheme in collaboration with Cambridge English. The aim of the course isto develop the English skills, Communication and Interpersonal skills to enable the student to garner better positions in the ever- widening but fiercely competitive job market. The course ware includes LSRW skills. With the mushrooming of IT & ITES, there is no dearth of employment opportunities for our students. There is a great demand for English speaking graduates in BPOs and corporate houses. Students of Quaid-E-Millath also find openings in the traditionally established positions as teachers, lecturers, journalists, air-hostesses, software programmers, etc. Some have secured jobs in the railways, corporate offices and public sector undertakings. Undoubtedly, the inclusion of Soft Skills as a paper has truly helped the students to be job ready.


The Department of English introduced two Non-Major Electives (1) Vocabulary Building (2) ACE English SpeakingThe Non- Major Elective has been introduced to enrich student’sEnglish Vocabulary and to help them to sharpen the writing skills which is crucial at workplace and while pursuing research degrees.


        The Department concerns itself with developing the academic excellence of the students through all available means. Along with lectures, tests and assignments the students are encouraged to make presentations. The slow learners are taken care through remedial and extra classes. The academic performance of the students is carefully monitored and regular parent- teacher meeting is held to keep the parents informed of their wards progress and performance.

        Special care is taken to ensure that the deserving students receive financial support by way of scholarship offered by the Government. The department along with the college provides lunch to the financially poor students through Noon- Meal-Scheme.


        The faculty keep themselves abreast of the changing trends through Orientation and Refresher courses. They participate in workshops, present papers at seminars, publish articles in books and journals. The members of the Department of English have participated in large numbers in training programmes conducted for the teachers like the T.T.T. and Campus connect by Infosys and the ELF programmes. The staff constantly upgrade themselves to bring about changes in courseware, methodology and are keen in adopting innovative trends to materialise positive changes in the student community.


  • To make the Department of English a research department
  • To empower the students to pursue rewarding careers.
  • To enable the students to secure placements in various professions like, Teaching, Editing, Publishing, Anchoring, and take up jobs like journalists, Announcers, News Casters and in advertising agencies.
  • To upgrade the department library
  • To invite Resource Persons to enlighten the students on various current topics
  • To conduct a Theater Workshop
  • To have an in-house magazine by the students.
  • To start a peer-reviewed journal by the Staff Members.