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About the Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1974. M. Sc., Chemistry was introduced in the year 2011. At present, the department has 16 experienced faculty members out of which 15 hold Ph.D., and 1 faculty member is pursuing Ph.D.,.

There are about 182 Students in UG and 28 Students in PG learning Chemistry. Ours is the major science department having the maximum number of about 186 allied chemistry students from Physics, Botany, Zoology and Home science, which speak about the popularity of the magic subject Chemistry. The subject Chemistry is taught both in English as well as Tamil. The department of Chemistry houses 3 Laboratories with 1 annexure, Gas room, Instrumentation room, 1 Store-room, 6 Classrooms and 3 Staff-rooms. The laboratories are equipped with apparatus and appliances to conduct the practical classes as per the subject content of the course. The Department is well equipped with a Double beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Digital weighing balance, Colorimeter, Photochemical reactor, Muffle furnace, Conductivity meters and Potentiometers. The Students of Chemistry conveniently use the department library with latest editions of books in many fields of Chemistry.

The post graduate students in the first year are trained with internship in industries and in the second year by their innovative project work. Department faculty members get opportunity to exhibit their organisional capacity by taking responsibility of various activities like chocolate distribution, hospitality, fine arts, PTA, RUSA, college hostel warden, and NSS. Head of the department of Chemistry is holding the position of the controller of examination of the college since 27/10/2021.

  • Our Motto is Excellence in higher education with no compromise and prayer is that every girl child in the universe should receive the light of education and become literate for the revolution of the country.
  • We plan to make the courses job-oriented and competitive so that our girls are well equipped to meet the challenges of the future.
  • To make chemistry department as a Research department.
  • To enable the students to pursue research oriented rewarding careers.
  • To create a favorable learning environment for the students.
  • To foster a better environmental learning of Chemistry.
  • To make significant contributions towards teaching learning and facilitating research in Chemistry for social relevance.
  • To create green aspects in practical chemistry.
  • To conduct National and International Conferences/Symposiums/Seminar/Workshops for the benefit of students.