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    In the year 1974, the college had been changed to a women’s college.The Tamil department was one of the first formed departments.

    In the academic year 1979-80, the Bachelor of Arts in Tamil was started and for the past forty-three years it has been functioning well. In the academic year 2012-13, the PG course was started and has been conducted effectively for the past ten years. The growth and achievements of this department in these years have been tremendous and immeasurable. In 2017-18, the Department became a Research Department.

    At present, the department consists of Four Associate Professors, Eight Assistant Professors and Eight Guest Lecturers including Shift I and Shift II. Ten Professors and Seven Guest Lecturers have been awarded the Ph.D. Degree and the rest have registered for Ph.D. Degree. The staffs have attended Orientation and Refresher Courses as and when required.

    There are 230 students including PG, 5 full-time Ph.D. Scholars and 2 part-time Ph.D. Scholars who desire to pursue Tamil Literature for the love of the language.