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About the Department

Founded in the 1975, the QMGC(W) Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology (PBPB) Department continues to lead the state in Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology research and education. Throughout the past decade, the QMGC(W) PBPB Department has influenced society at levels that remain without parallel among academic institutions. Its spin-offs are among the most successful corporate ventures in the nation, and many of the leaders in the academic and corporate research world are graduates of the QMGC(W) PBPB Department.

Course Year EstablishedAffiliating/Approving body
B.Sc., (PBPB) 1975 University of Madras
M.Sc (PBPB) 1994 University of Madras
M.Phil (PBPB) 2007 University of Madras
Ph.D 2013-14 University of Madras
Mission Statement

The Department of PBPB strives to prepare the students holistically by providing industry-relevant Knowledge, Skills and Aptitude by closely associating with industrial R&D.;